Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Blogger #1- 'So whats up with that Bulletholes guy?'
Blogger #2- "Oh , he's just talking about chicks that like dirty talk, and works of Fine Art, whores and Dick Gregory, and how you can OD on Wool and stuff.
Blogger #1- "I guess I've heard worse shit. Lets go drink some Goldschlaeger."
Blogger #2- "Good idea...last time I had that stuff I was pissin' Platinum for a week."
Both at once- "We'll be high-aye-aye-high!"


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said... let us not talk falsely now... ;) re: The Writer's Milieu. I'm finishing up a screenplay (am an agented screenwriter you know), am in the middle of a novel, and am freelancing. Does that count
towards writing for years? Perhaps you'll find it in your lost baseball mitt! ...she put down in writing what was on her mind...

bulletholes said...

This is my first screenplay. You can use it if you charge!

soubriquet said...

Holy Schmoley indeed, posting like a posting person.....
Blogger with energy... I'll return after the pub and read in depth!

bulletholes said...

Told ya Souby!
I think I have 47 in 54 days... unless you have to subtract drafts which might bring me down to 40.
I think I even got two good ones!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Yes, just got the Cohen/Dylan and more Dylan, but cannot reply, because I don't know anything about encrypting messages.
But about Dylan...I mean 30 incredible albums answers for the 15 minute songs. Whereas Cohen is the very deliberate, oh so tediously creative writer. How can you compare the two except to say they're both geniuses!

soubriquet said...

Funnily... or not... there's been some stuff in the press here about people having major bad reactions to this drink... Then I started reading about gold compounds being used in therapy for arthritis.
Thank you, no. I think I'll stick to beer...
And silver makes you go blue..... and stay that way.

bulletholes said...

Pietra- I guess we have come full circle, no?
Souby, I hear you can't get through a metal detector either.
What was the mavie a while back? That guy that bugs me?
Thanks for stopping by!