Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I pulled a movie off Daves list and watched it last night.

It was great and
I’m going to watch it again tonight
because I want to learn to
talk like Conagher,
walk like Conagher,
ride and love and fight like Conagher and
grow a moustache just like Conagher.
Damn Straight!

I'd like to be able to drift where he drifts and
drop myself off the same cliff,
with an upper lip just as stiff, sippin' whiskey while Karen Ross
posts love notes to dried Sage Brush
tumbling wild and free through
the Great Bucolic Beefalo Herds
across the lone prairie .

I want to punch some me some 'dogies
in a land where the sky is clear-blue and
the rocks are harder than Platte River water
with my jumbo-large chaps flappin'
in the cedar breeze, and my tweezers gleaming
in the moonlight night
and the stars shining
like little...Bulletholes... in a Big 'ol #10 can of beans

Davy, I liked this would like one called "Hombre" with Paul Newman.
Good stuff.

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