Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Dad and I were in Arkansas for vacation.
I kept seeing all these great maountains.
Naturally I decided I wanted to go mountain climbing.

I guess I was about 8.

Dad took me to a State Park, and we started walking up a hill.
I asked dad where the mountain was. He looked down at me while breathing very hard and gasped "This is it. This is a mountain"
I said, "No, Dad, this is a hill... I want to climb a mountain"
and pointed to a sheer rock face you could see a few miles away.
Dad just kind of chuckled and said I couldn't climb one of those mountains.

I never did like him much after that.
No, thats not true, but I was really disappointed as he explained that we would need ropes and carabiners and stuff to climb that sort of Mountain.
Then we went and got Ice Cream.

I had forgotten all about this until I got an EMail from Davy showing the river levels in Arkansas. He keeps up with this as part of his new hobby, kayaking.
They even have pictures so that you know what you are getting into.
Heres a picture of Rattlesnake Creek.
he's not going to like it but I'll say it anyway
"You be careful Davy"


Dave Mows Grass said...

Thanks, Steve! So far I've been so safe I haven't been in whitewater at all. How's that for safe! If the Mulberry holds up till Saturday, that cherry is about to get popped!

bulletholes said...

Yeah Dave, thats too safe....

You can't be careful on a skatebord, man"
Some Kid