Tuesday, September 30, 2008



Its not the best movie Paul Newman ever did, and its likely you have not seen or heard of it, which is all the more reason to feature it here and now. Written by Elmore Leonard.
Its a good movie, with Newman playing a white man, John Russell, raised by Apaches . He has seen and suffered the injustices inflicted upon his adopted tribal family. He is totally immersed in the Apache culture, wants no part of the White Man, and then finds himself in the position of having to protect white people from other white people.
The vallain is played very well by Richard Boone, aka "Paladin" from "Have gun Will Travel".

I especially enjoy the role of Jessie, played by a relatively unknown actress named Diane Cilento, a fiery no-nonsense Redhead that goads the reluctant Newman into being a Hero.
I think she's pretty foxy. So did Sean Connery, her second husband.

I like the exchanges between Jessie and Russell (Newman)

Jessie: And we got him a marble headstone. It had his name on it, and underneath, we had them put, "In the Fullness of His Years." Is that all right with you?
John Russell: I'll settle for that. I'm not on the slab.
Jessie: Well, what do you figure yours is going to read?
John Russell: "Shot Dead," probably.
Jessie: Don't people take to you, Mr. Russell?
John Russell: It only takes one who doesn't.

Then a little later, Jessie inquires about his "Love life"
Jessie: How 'bout you Mr. Russell? You have a woman somewhere?
Russell: You askin' for a demonstration?
Jessie: I think I'm askin' for trouble.

Paul Newman, a good 'un.


leslie said...

I had a serious crush on Richard Boone as a kid, and even had a double holster with "real" bullets, and a black business card holder with cards that read "Have Gun, Will Travel".

I think it was the early stages of black leather preference.

"It only takes one who doesn't".

bulletholes said...

Gawd, Leslie I'd have had a rootin tootin crush on you!
Red lips and Black Leather, my favorite color scheme

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I just realized. I never saw Hombre. I know of it, but never saw it! Another one for Netflix!
*laughing* I don't think I'll get around to all in my queue until the beginning of the next decade!
But he was a cool hand with class,
Mr. Newman was!