Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Gosh and begorrah, I'm Gaelic.

But "mo chuisle mo chroí" is real Gaelic, not idiot Gaelic like my title and me.

Don't look for a translation, just go get the movie 'Million Dollar Baby" this weekend. Stars the physically fit ponytailed Hillary Swank and perfect performances by Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman.
Flawless movie.


Minx said...

And is the pulse of your heart steady, Mr Bullets?

kissyface said...

i put something up for you.

red dirt mule said...

fantastic movie.

but can't do sad endings at the moment.
give me a good western where the mule is the heroine .... then i'm all over it !!


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Ach, Clint and Morrrgan are thee grrrandest! And Hillarrry Swank, a verrry talented lass! :))

peacefulstorm24 said...

I have wanted to see this movie and just your few words want me to see it even more! Hope things are well in your world!

bulletholes said...

Minxy, it pounds for thee.
KF- yay-yess ma'am you did!
RDM- How 'bout "Francis goes to West Point"
Pie- hillary is great too.
Stormy- I hope you like it.

Angela said...

Ach, is that all the Gaelic you know (or can invent?) So you do NOT even understand Níor ól tú uisce beatha? or Ní dheachaigh sé? And probably also not Ba mhaith liom íoc, más é do thoil é? Which you REALLY ought to know!! Shame on you!

bulletholes said...

No Angela, but my daughter learned to speak and dance in the Celtic Folk tradition. it was her Senior Project and she spent a lot of time on it.
She is very smart and I take full credit!
(even though I got no talent for foreign language)

Angela said...

Great! Did she also have to wear such pretty wigs as Novellessness told me about in her blog (second last one, I think)? I like this Irish dancing! Are you of Irish (Welsh/Scottish) origin?