Sunday, September 07, 2008


Jack Elam

He hada lazy off center left eye giving him that roughshod look that helped define the flawed outlaw character.
He was the perfect Villain. most of my favorite westerns include Jack Elam like "Rancho Notoriosos" "Roi Lobo" "The Commancheros" and 'The Man from Laramie" When I was a kid I remember him on "Sugarfoot".

Though he was mostly known for Westerns, he plays an old codger in a Twilight Zone called "Will the real Martian please stand up" that is just hilarious.

According to Jack this is the progression of the five stages of an actor's career:

1. "Who's Jack Elam?"

2. "Get me somebody like Jack Elam."

3. "Get me JACK ELAM."

4, "Get me a young Jack Elam."

5. "Who's Jack Elam?"
Go see Pietra Michele and her little lagniappe of a story and vote for Jack!
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