Wednesday, September 03, 2008

the subdudes

are a real gem out of New Orleans.
Three albums in the early and mid '90's that are magnificent, and play well from start to finish.

I don't know why artists like these don't make a bigger splash, although the 'dudes carved out an almost cultish fanbase.
And they are still doin' it.
Its a simple, clean sound. Note the drumkit is stripped down about as far as they could get it.
But lets give a listen, shall we?
This is from their 1994 release titled "Annunciation".
Dare, no, Double Dog Dare you not to like it.

The Subdudes - Why Cant I Forget About You via


GEWELS said...

Alright, alright- I like 'em.
Sounds like a younger, less raspy Michael McDonald to me.
Is the rest of the album as good? If so, I'll have to get it.

And they're CUTE to boot. I'm still a sucker for long hair.

Hi Steve ;)

Dave Mows Grass said...

I can vouch for Annunciation. It joins Fleetwood Mac's Rumors and Cowboy Troy's Loco-Motive in the very short list of albums where I liked every single song the first time through. Playing a tambourine with brushes may sound easy but I dare you to try it. There's only a handful of people who could pull it off this well and they would be copycatting. Great stuff!

bulletholes said...

gewels- Yes, there is not a song on this album that drags. This is not even my favorite from the album.
Davy- i've yet to find anyone thast didn't like these guys right off the bat. The drummer actually started with a kitchen spoon. These days he has a small kit with a snare and a Bass. i don't favor that sound as much.

rdg said...

hey you!

you have always been the man to expand my musical horizons .... all of the 'new' music i listen to these days (other than the obligatory songs of my teenagers) are from musicians you've discovered.

you're kinda like a personal decorator - only you're my personal music man instead !!


bulletholes said...