Tuesday, September 23, 2008


When I was 20, I had a girlfriend for a while that was much older than I. Her name was Billie and she was very sexy and always wanted me to talk dirty to her. I could never pull it off because I cracked myself up too bad.
Years later she had Cancer and was about to die and she called my mother to find out where I was. My mother wouldn't tell her. Mom said it waas because she didn't like the way Billie sounded. I knew what mom was talking about because Billie had a really sexy voice.
I did talk to Billie before she died, but she didn't want me to see her. She said she looked very bad.

Years before, Billie had given me a book of Poetry by a man I had never heard of.
I loved it and its sticky wet bare-naked style, and one of the poems was brought back to my memory yesterday in an exchage Barbara and I had.
Probably the reason I remember this one, and its the only one I can recite, is because I was a Chef.
I don't know the name of it, or even if I have it exactly right as I have long since given the book away.

Play with me
Play with me a while
Keep me
Keep me heard
Keep me hard
keep me in the Kitchen
Keep me out of Politics

leonard cohen, the energy of slaves


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

A beautiful post. Omg, if we add Leonard Cohen to the mix, we'd come up with codylanisms.
"Sincerely, P. Michelle.*

bulletholes said...

I think the year was 1986, and both Dylan and Cohen were in Paris. (I
think one of them was on tour.) They went to a cafe or something together and
were talking about the mechanics of song-writing. At some point in the
conversation, Dylan said,
"I really like that song Messiah you wrote. How long
did it take you to write it?"
to which Cohen replied,
"About two years. I
really like that song 'I and I' you wrote. How long did it take you to write
Dylan: "About fifteen minutes."

Anonymous said...

I haven't figured out what to do when people with cancer won't let you visit because they "look so bad" ..... maybe "can we just hold hands and talk if I wear a blindfold?"

.... one of the local chainsaw/woodcarvers was displaying his carved logs at one of the craft fairs. I asked him how long it took to carve a log. He said, "About an hour and a half. But, it took me 15 years to get to the point that I could do it in an hour and a half."

... a story claims that an admirer went backstage to see a famous violin player and exclaimed, "I'd give my life to be able to play like that!"
The violin player replied, "That's what I did."

Quack, Quack!

bulletholes said...

Rod, those are great anecdotes. i can relate to the wood carver because I used to carve Ice, and two hours was all you got from the git-go!