Thursday, September 25, 2008



Theres a shadow on the land
And the silence that surrounds it
Its the silence of the lamb
When it knows the Wolf has found it
And it freezes in its tracks
And it never makes a motion
"Take the others don't take me"
Is its prayer and its devotion.

And the lambs are all afraid
That their world has been betrayed
And a Covenant was made
By their Silence

So we look the other way
And pretend that we don't notice
That the flock has gone astray
They don't need the wolf to know this
They want image over truth
They want style over substance
just more campaign 'Read my lips"
Just more money over justice

Don't we all know wrong from right
and no matter what they tell us
We know the shadow from the light
We know the lies they try to tell us
We pretend they care for us
We pretend they were elected
We pretend they tell the truth
We pretend...."its complicated"

Ridin' RedEyed on the rail
I had a dream we all united
And a wave swept through the land
From the fire that it ignited
Everybody on their feet
To raise their fist and raise their voices
They took their leaders to the streets
to take the heat for their owen choices

I have been working on this for 15 years. I started to post it and let you think I wrote it, just to get your attention. But I did not write this and I don't know who did. Its a cool song, the music part is good, and here in 2008 it seems fairly current.
I used to tape music from the local PBS station. PBS changed the music I listened to and the way I listened to it. I lost friends over the music I listen to.
This song is on one of those tapes (I have about 300 hours worth) but I have never found who the Artist is that wrote these lyrics and recorded the song. At first it sounded like Eric Clapton, but this is not Claptons style. From PBS I became enchanted with all sorts of little known Artists and Songwriters, but I have still never identified this particular piece.
I have Googled it every way but loose.

I am hoping someone out there can help me.


Annelisa said...

phew! That was a pretty moving poem... Is it yours? If it is, you haven't lost it...not one little bit!

Love ya!


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

This poem and your comment makes one feel totally isolated or alone in this great big world, or am I way off the mark? Well, one thing about poetry is that it is so subjective and the reader's experience can be totally different than the writer's. Loved them!

bulletholes said...

You ladies made theswe comments when the post was supposed to be in Draft.
Petra, I think you are right about the first verse, what do you think with the rest added on?

leslie said...

Give the Old Blue Bus a ride...
they know some stuff over there.

leslie said...

It has a Phil Ochs flavor to it.

bulletholes said...

LESLIE, i APPRECIATE LIKE CRAZY YOU ARE ON IT. (excuse me) The only thing I gave ever heard by Ochs is Ain't Marching and that is so old, and I'm familiar with the song about medgar Evers, but I'll look into it. The music part of this song ias pretty good, has like a harpsichord going and a really strange disjointed ending that really kinda rocks. Seems like the kinda song that Yoodood guy would know.

When you say his name, it makes me thinkof a guy named Eric Anderson, but the only thing i have ever heard of his he talks his way through.
"Ghost upon the road" its called.

Mother of Invention said...

Have no idea but the lyrics are moving. Too bad you can't upload the guy singing it.

bulletholes said...

The artist is james Lee Stanly, the album "The Envoy" from 1993, and the song is titled "Covenant".

James lee stanley said...

Yes the song is entitled "the covenant" and I wrote it when the first bush was president. It is on a cd of mine entitled the envoy. Wish the song was not still so resonate. If I may, here is my site for your perusal.

Bulletholes said...

James, how very cool for you to stop by! It took me years to find out who did this song.
And yes, its to bad the lyrics are still resonate, but thats how great lyrics are. They will probably always resonate on some level.
I tell you what really hits me about this song its those breaks after the chorus, leading into the next verse. Those really put their hooks in me, and the ending is pretty cool too, in its disjointed fashion.
Thanks for stopping by! I've been to your site before.

james lee stanley said...

my pleasure. thanks for doing what you do. when you have the time, check out which is my blog